I’m Bernadette. My friends call me Barry. I was an assistant chef by profession before I wholeheartedly accepted the hardest promotion I ever had – that is becoming a mother and an admin of the house. Ted, my husband, part-owns and manages a bar in New York. We had our first child just a year ago and I’ve been enjoying every single detail of becoming a mama. There were times though that I must admit it was very tiring but it’s always worth it at the end of each day.

I’ve been interested in talking and having a little “group” about new moms in the city. A lot of issues were new to me and it was fun learning them from their personal experiences.

My passion for cooking will never be taken away by any circumstance. And it is through this passion I decided to put up a blog that will give weekly stories and articles about parenting, home improvement and of course food (I promise I’d be able to keep the ‘weekly’ thing). But for now, I’d appreciate if you could subscribe to my mailing list to keep all these things going.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments on each topic whenever you feel like it, I badly need it.

Again, being a mother would mean that there’s ‘no turning back’, I agree. Because being a mother is the ultimate experience every woman should have before lying on her death bed. But it’s still a choice, we are entitled to get respect for whatever choices we have in life.

Let’s connect and be friends. I can feature your stories here. Let’s use my blog as a medium to tell the world how moms evolve in their life priorities.

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