Avocado, Strawberry Raw Spring Salad

May 01, 18 Avocado, Strawberry Raw Spring Salad


I have to admit I love salads. So, when I decided to go on a twenty-one day Daniel Fast last year, I decided to include more raw foods in my diet. I didn’t want to cook my veggies to death. I want more of the cleansing and nutritional benefits that raw foods offer. I wasn’t sure where to begin. I figured salads were the way to go, but I didn’t want a regular old garden salad. I wanted a salad that makes my taste buds go zing!!!!

I had some left over strawberries and avocado. It was spring-time and I love strawberries. They had them on sale at the grocery store, and I bought too many. I needed to use them, and I thought they would taste great together. I love Dijon Mustard, and threw that together with some olive oil and apple cider vinegar. My mouth was happy, and I added a healthy serving of raw vegetables to my diet. A perfect win, win situation.

You can make variations to this recipe if you’d like. I won’t mind. It’s more important to enjoy your food rather than follow the recipe to the letter. Start chopping and bon appetite.

I start with the greens and a large salad bowl. I love Earthbound Farm Organic Salad Mixes. For this salad, I use the Spring Mix in the 11oz clam shell. This blend contains organic baby lettuces like arugula, frisee, red and green romaine, green and red oak, and radicchio. You can use any type of baby greens you like, but that blend is my favorite.

On top of the greens, layer 16oz of thinly sliced organic strawberries and thin slice of two avocados.

In a separate small bowl, mix two tablespoons of Organic Dijon Mustard, two tablespoons of Bragg Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and one tablespoon of organic cold-pressed olive oil. Drizzle the dressing over the salad, and top with raw, unsalted nuts. I have used almonds, sunflower seed, and walnuts, but use what ever you like.

This is an easy recipe that will help you get on the right track with your quest to a raw food lifestyle. It will not leave you bored or unsatisfied, and the kids will eat it. And, that is always a plus.

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