Cooking in a Crock Pot

Image result for crock potDo you like the idea of putting together an entire meal in ten minutes or less and have it look like you have been slaving in the kitchen all day? Use a slow cooker! You can put the ingredients in the slow cooker the night before and turn it on before you leave for work in the morning. You can be gone the entire time your meal is cooking and come home welcomed by the scent of heaven. There is no need for constant attention or stirring. All you have to do is add the ingredients and turn it on!
Slow cookers can reduce your grocery bill also. You can use less expensive cuts of meat and they always turn out tender, moist and delicious. They are never dry or overcooked. When you use a slow cooker, your meats cook slowly and the moisture will tenderize the meat.

One great thing about slow cookers is that they are portable. Slow cookers are perfect for potlucks. You can cook your meal at home and take it with you wherever you want to serve it. You can also take your portable cooker camping with you and cook while in the woods! Crock pots are great for taking meals to new moms, neighbors as a housewarming gift, sick friends and family, elderly family members or someone that is going through any hard time.

Not only can you cook a full course meal in the crock pot, but you can also make desserts! You can make a fabulous dessert in the slow cooker and serve it piping hot after dinner.

Crock pots are available in different sizes and colors. Cooking times vary and all slow cookers seem to cook differently. You will get to know how your slow cooker cooks and can time accordingly.

Unlike stovetop cooking, it is very important to leave the lid on while cooking. If you have to remove the lid, replace it as quickly as possible to prevent the heat from escaping.

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