Decorating with a Baby Grand Piano

Mar 09, 18 Decorating with a Baby Grand Piano

Instead of simply decorating a baby grand piano, the idea of decorating with a baby grand piano implies that the piano will be the main point of interest in the room. In this sense, the piano is itself considered a source of decoration as are all those things which are placed on or around it.

Start with the Room

In the earliest stage of decorating with a baby grand piano, the piano is regarded as a large piece of furniture. It will inevitably be the focal point of the room, anyway, but the baby grand piano needs an area at least 2 times larger than it is.

This space is relevant to the acoustics of how the piano is going to sound when it’s played, but for decorating purposes, this space allows for the placing of various other types of furniture, plants, and so forth.

Precautionary Statement

For safety reasons, it is important not to put a piano by a furnace or space heater. Additionally, pianos can become damaged by putting them by a wall that is not well insulated. Obviously, fire hazards and extreme weather changes should be avoided.

Decorate Surrounding Area

As suggested, decorating with a baby grand piano means that the piano takes priority in creating the style of the room.

To create a style of elegance with a baby grand piano, the right blends of woods and colors should be chosen for the surrounding furniture and other decorations.

Draperies, for example, could match the cushion on the piano bench. Tables could either match the wood of the piano exactly or be slightly altered to enhance the feeling of careful decorative planning.

Add Finishing Touches

Just because the room is decorated with a baby grand piano in mind doesn’t mean that more personal family items aren’t needed. The room should still have a “lived-in” feeling.

Toward this end, although the piano is seen as the center piece of elegant furniture to begin with, this same furniture can also be used in practical ways.

As seen in many movies, photographs of relatives, glassware, antiques, clocks – all may rest on the large surface of the baby grand piano. The mere size of the instrument lends itself to a great degree of creativity in decorating it and decorating with it.

Naturally, a piano lamp which is designed to shine light on the sheet music can also be a desirable feature. But the idea here is that decorating with a baby grand piano is a venture which lies separate from the music that is going to be played.

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