How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

Jul 02, 18 How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

Are you ready to welcome a brand new puppy into your home, but don’t know which breed to pick? Figuring out which breed is best for your home and family is well worth the effort. Things you will want to consider as you browse through pictures of the various breeds include:

  1. Breed Temperament
  2. Shedding
  3. Grooming
  4. Exercise/Space
  5. Family Lifestyle

Breed Temperament
Are you looking for a puppy that is generally, happy, dignified, active, excitable, fierce, clever, mischievous or affectionate? Finding a puppy that fits your personality will significantly increase the level of enjoyment of the puppy you adopt.

All puppies shed their coats, though some shed less than others. Most dogs have a “double coat”. The layer you see most prominently are the long guard hairs. The second coat, the “undercoat”, are the shorter hairs that keep your dog warm during the summer months. If you are considering a dog that sheds, you can lessen the degree of seasonal shedding by clipping the hair very short at the beginning of Spring, or by maintaining the undercoat with regular brushing.

Grooming your puppy is on ongoing need, and some puppies will need more attention than others. Regular bathing, brushing of the coat, nail clipping, ear cleaning and teeth brushing are standard responsibilities for any dog owner. All of them contribute to your dogs good health. Puppies with longer coats will require more attention. Speaking of attention, if you happen to like posting on social media your pet’s grooming or stories, you can do so. Trust me, it’s a stress reliever too for you as the owner. So find the best pet camera in the market that gives high-end photo results for the best experience between you and your puppy.

All puppies have a lot of energy, and they need space to play. All breeds will need time to get out of the house to run, play, or walk with you. It’s an important part of maintaining your puppy’s weight and overall heath. Some breeds will need more space and more time to exercise than others. If your home has limited space, and your schedule is often very busy, certain breeds are better than others.

Family Lifestyle
The last thing to consider is family lifestyle. Puppies rely on you for just about everything. Some puppies are self-feeders, which will allow you to live within a schedule that is much less strict.

Happy hunting!

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