Tips to Minimize Holiday Snacking

Aug 07, 18 Tips to Minimize Holiday Snacking

You may only gain a single pound during the holiday season. This might not sound like a lot, but if you did it year after year, decade after decade, it could lead to a problem. Snacking is a cause of many people’s battle with weight. There are some things you can do to help yourself resist holiday snacking.
Give away your yummy but unhealthy goodies. Many people receive delicious holiday treats – cakes, candies, cookies, etc. If you feel that you are better off without them then you are probably right.

You are likely to find many people eager to take them off your hands. If you are trying to stop snacking on all those holiday goodies, then the best way is to not have them in the house at all. If it’s someone you feel comfortable telling this to, then you might want to ask people not to give you unhealthy snacks this year. Of course, you also want to avoid buying such goodies and snacks yourself.

If you do want to keep them to have as a treat every once in a while, then that’s okay, but you will want to keep them out of reach. Many people snack simply because something is there. It’s in reach and they’re bored or just not thinking about it. The hand reaches out and takes one. Then another. And another. And before you realize it, the entire bowl is gone, and you can’t even remember eating one. To avoid this, keep the snacks away in the pantry. Make them difficult to get to by placing them in several bags or up in a high closet. With that method, you will get it when you really want it but you won’t be absently picking at it just because it’s there.

Chewing gum can help some people avoid snacking. Obviously, you will want to be careful because of your teeth – you don’t want a cavity in exchange for the positives you get by not snacking. You may want to consider a sugar free gum. If your mouth is busy with the gum, then it will obviously be more difficult to be placing food items in it.

Many people snack when they go to holiday parties. They just hover by the food tables and “go to town” or search for “bulk food stores near me” online. To help cut down on snacking at these parties, you may want to situate yourself away from the food tables. Again, if you can’t see it then you are much less likely to be tempted. Or, you may want to go for healthy alternatives in the market like the healthier tofu burger or grilled chicken breast tacos. This may sound new to you but they can certainly help you lose some weight on the holidays.

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