Things to know before hiring carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay

Rugs and carpets are the most popular home accessory for many Hervey Bay households. However, pet stains, beverage or food residues, overall dinginess, and muddy footprints can take the joy out of carpets. Dirty carpets also compromise the air quality of a home.

With this, calling in professional carpet cleaners, Hervey Bay offers the perfect solution to make carpets look and smell like new. Yet, there are a few things you need to consider when it’s time to hire professional carpet cleaners, Hervey Bay.

The good look of your carpets after it has been professionally cleaned says much about the carpet cleaners, Hervey Bay you’ve hired. Choosing the best professional carpet cleaners is crucial for your carpets to look and stay good for a long time.

Here are some reasons why why you need a specialist carpet cleaner and what to consider when hiring them.


Their carpet cleaning methods

A carpet cleaning company offering truck-mounted equipment with hot-water extraction is highly recommended. A cleaning company that also offers an “immersion” method with their hand-washes is also a good point to consider. You must also bear in mind that you are directly dealing with a cleaning company instead of a middleman company that sends your carpets to specialised cleaners.


Their prices

Comparing prices among carpet cleaners become quick and manageable when you can provide them with accurate descriptions and measurements. It’s easier to deal with carpet cleaners through email or over the phone when you know your carpet.

Cheap price quotes from carpet cleaning companies do not necessarily mean that they perform shoddy work. It has been found that there are cleaning companies charging lower fees yet getting a high rating from their customers.


Go for carpet cleaning by square foot rather than area or room

There will always be carpet cleaning companies that will charge you by room or area. However, their vision of a room or area in your home will be way different from yours. For instance, an L-shaped room you envision to be one area will be viewed by a cleaning company to be two rooms.

Deodorants and soil retardants are add-ons that should be priced fairly. Overpaying for them could quickly add to the expense. The extra treatments should be priced fairly or cost nothing at all.


They offer a written work guarantee

A written work guarantee upfront allows you to demand a redo from the cleaning company for an unsatisfactory cleaning job. While work guarantees are pretty standard with almost all carpet cleaning companies, there is a variation in their promises.

For instance, tough stains that have set on your carpet may prove impossible to remove even when a cleaning company has done all they need to do. A good way to avoid misunderstandings with a cleaning company is to point out the stains and tell them the cause. This allows a cleaning company to candidly state their work guarantee limitations as well.


Hold off paying until you check their work

Checking out the work of the cleaning company before paying them is the best way to protect your interests. This should be a stipulation before work starts to prevent misunderstandings. Immediately speak up when you discover carpet stains or spots that have not been removed.